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Shirts and mugs arrive

I must admit that i might never wear that t-Shirt!Strange, huh? !Why did i get that then!? !It just something to keep as a memory of askville!

But not all askvillers are like me.

Some people wear that t-Shirt and probably walk in the streets!Well, what is the consequence of that?Obviously a lot of people see that and get interested in askville.You need to stop by and tell them what askville is!If you tell them it all about asking questions and answering them they sure are going to ask questions.Probably some of them will end up in askville.

What we need is a welcoming committee.

King of Random crap:The first thing that everybody who enters askville should know is the importance of"Random crap".It is a part of askville True Religion Jeans Sale identity.Who is better than our king to teach them some crappy stuff? !

Pamperdue:Everybody should know who she is.She is the person tiertex who can answer almost any questions!A master of food and science.She will be in charge of serving lunch and dinner!

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